Decoding Digital Humanities Bloomington

An informal monthly gathering to discuss issues related to the digital humanities. Come meet people studying or working in DH!


Making (digital) humanities understandable to non-(digital) humanists

Please join us for the November meeting of Decoding Digital Humanities, an informal, international digital humanities discussion group.

Friday, November 11, 4-6pm, in the IU Memorial Union Starbucks

November’s theme is “Making (digital) humanities understandable to non-(digital) humanists”

First, have a look at this post on the HASTAC blog from Cathy Davidson, “Best Idea for Higher Ed Since About 2002” ( The post discusses The Conversation, a collaborative project out of Australia that seeks to make scholarly research (mostly from science, technology, business, and policy) understandable to a more general audience. Then check out The Conversation at Look through the site to gain a general feel for it and then reflect on how useful this site or others like it could be.

Topic for our discussion: What are the implications for this approach to the humanities? Would it be worthwhile to do something similar and if so, on what level (University, Organization, National)?

Come join us for friendly face-to-face conversation and coffee.