Decoding Digital Humanities Bloomington

An informal monthly gathering to discuss issues related to the digital humanities. Come meet people studying or working in DH!


Open Access, or, You Cannot Get a Database from Interlibrary Loan: October 2010 Meeting

Thursday, October 21st, 4-6PM at The Irish Lion (upstairs).


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With digital technology comes new affordances, including, paradoxically, the ability to more effectively limit access through digital “rights management” (DRM) schemes. Without disabling such protections, DVDs cannot be copied, copy-protected files will not be authorized for play, and passages from a Kindle book cannot be cut and pasted into an article.

It is this new world that DH practitioners must navigate in the use and creation of digital objects. But as both creators and users, we are in a ideal position to discuss the issues and ethics surrounding access and licensing.

Come join us for friendly face-to-face conversation and beer (two of the best reasons to temporarily unplug).