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An informal monthly gathering to discuss issues related to the digital humanities. Come meet people studying or working in DH!


Alternative Academics

Please join us for the February meeting of Decoding Digital Humanities, an informal, international digital humanities discussion group.

Friday, February 17, 4-6pm, in the IU Memorial Union Starbucks

February’s theme is the alternative academic, or “alt-ac” movement.  This movement is when academics, usually those with a PhD, decide to take positions that are not as tenure track teaching faculty.  Instead, these academics find jobs in other areas of academia or perhaps even leave academia but still continue to research and publish. This is a movement that is affecting the humanities, as scholars take positions outside of the standard humanities teaching positions, but still influence what is going one within the academic community.

Our discussion this month will focus on two readings.  One, a blog post by Bethany Noviskie which started the trend: and the other is by William Pannapacker on alt-ac being the future of the academy: Feel free to check out resources or follow the  #altac or #alt-ac hashtag on twitter to see what is going on currently with the movement.

Come join us for friendly face-to-face conversation and coffee.

Note: Future DDH meetings are scheduled for March 16, April 20, and May 18 (the third Friday of each month). Please contact Nancy Meuth (njmeuth at imail dot iu dot edu)  if you would like to propose a topic of conversation for one of these meetings.

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