Decoding Digital Humanities Bloomington

An informal monthly gathering to discuss issues related to the digital humanities. Come meet people studying or working in DH!


Building Things

Friday, March 25th, 3-5PM at The Irish Lion (upstairs; reservation is in Grant’s name).


One of the persistent tropes in defining DH is the idea that digital humanists build things. Tools. Objects. Stuff. The degree to which they should be engaging in such differentiates scholars’ definitions of the field. Whether, for example, humanists should learn to program (to, among other things, facilitate building things) is currently being debated as we struggle to define our field.

What is/should be our relationship to creating digital objects? What roles do we/should we play in such? (Primary investigators? Cowboy coders?) How are the things we see DH practitioners creating related to the kinds of things humanists have always created (books, articles, etc.)?

Come join us for friendly face-to-face conversation and beer.

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