Decoding Digital Humanities Bloomington

An informal monthly gathering to discuss issues related to the digital humanities. Come meet people studying or working in DH!


Issues of Representation in Digital Imaging

Please join us for the September meeting of Decoding Digital Humanities, an informal, international digital humanities discussion group.

Friday, September 30th, 4pm-6pm in the IU Memorial Union Starbucks.

September’s theme is “Issues of Representation in Digital Imaging”
For the meeting, please read the following article:

Melissa Terras’ “Artefacts and Errors: Acknowledging Issues of Representation in the Digital Imaging of Ancient Texts.”

As digital images of primary sources become more accessible, many scholars tend to interact with images of sources rather than with the sources themselves. What are the scholarly implications of this move? Can we trust our digital surrogates, and if not how can we trust our readings of them? Although Terras’ article focuses on sources used for study in the Classics, the issue will be of interest to any scholar who uses primary sources, no matter the discipline or time period.

Come join us for friendly face-to-face conversation and coffee.